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Buying a Used Lawn Mower

Three Tips to assist you in Buying a Used Lawn Mower


There are many reasons why you can opt to purchase a used land mower instead of new one. First, you may be a new homeowner who is looking for something inexpensive to tame the overgrown lawn. On the other hand, your old beast may have broken down and would want an inexpensive model to help you in lawn management.

Additionally, purchasing a used land mower is an excellent idea especially if you would want to save your hard-earned cash. However, you need to know what to look for when selecting a used land mower. The following tips will help you to make an informed decision when it comes to selecting a pre-owned land mower.

1. Look at the price

You should start your research by first looking at the features and prices of the new lawn mowers. This will help you to come with a realistic benchmark for the used models to consider.

A mower that is used for 2-3 years should cost about 60-70 percent of the retail price. However, you need to ensure that it is in good condition. Remember new land mowers have a broad range of price depending on the brand, features, and models. The well-recognized brands tend to have a high price tag as they are tested to provide a dependable service.

On the other hand, newly introduced mowers tend to have a lower price. The price will also be different depending on the model and the features that come with the mower. This should also be replicated when purchasing the old mowers. The prices will differ depending on the features, brand, as well as the model of the mower. For you to set a realistic benchmark to ensure that you are looking at the price of the new exact model. This means it has to be from the same brand, same models, as well as the features.

When you find a used model that fits your needs you should also ask some questions to make sure that you are purchasing that you can depend on. First, you should ask if the mower had been repaired and if so what parts were repaired and their price. This will give you an idea of what it can cost you if you need to repair it. Another question to ask the seller is the reason why they would want to sell the mower.

This question can catch the seller off guard especially if they are selling it because for reasons that are not honorable. However, most sellers do it when moving to a new home and do not want to pay extra for extra baggage or would want to upgrade. Additionally, you should find out where you can get it serviced.

2. Look at the condition of the mower

Of course, you would want to purchase a land mower that is in good condition. After finding a mower that come from a reputable brand and has an engine size that meets your requirements, you should also look at the following parts and ensure that they are working properly. Look at the wheels and ensure that they are not wobbly and the tires are in good condition. You should also check the handles and ensure they are well maintained. Additionally, you should check the oil and ensure that it appears clean.

3. Seller

You can purchase a used mower either from an individual or a reputable dealer. When you buy from a dealer, you should ask if there is any repair done to the mower and the reason why the owner sold it. You should also ask if there is any kind of warranty that comes with the mower.

When buying from a dealer you should get at least a one-month warranty. If you are purchasing it from an individual, you should also make sure that they have offered you with the paperwork on the mower. This will help you to avoid buying something that is stolen or acquired dishonestly. An original receipt will also confirm the age of the used mower. In addition, the maintenance records will allow you to know whether the mower was serviced and how often.


Lastly, getting a mower from the local or online auction can help you to find a reliable mower at a fraction of their retail price. Remember, purchasing a used mower doesn’t necessarily mean that you will forego its quality. Using the above will definitely put you on the right track for finding a quality mower at a decent price.

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